Learn to create a 3D canvas at home. Projection Mapping, Uncategorized

Bring Origami to life with projected light. Despite being confined, isolated and in locked down, the Observatory team continue to create design and inspire themselves at home in creative forms of animation and design. 3D artist Chanikul has been combining origami structures with Lightform for... Read More

E-Corsa Motion Graphics, Sports

e-Corsa Launch - Marseille Observatory recently travelled to Marseille to work again with Enterstice, the agency who we have previously worked with for Open 13 and The Sorbier Dress Mapping projects. This time our goal was to create motion graphics for the launch of the... Read More

LDN UTD Motion Graphics

Observatory were commissioned to work on the launch video for our grassroots E-sports partner LDN UTD. We worked alongside Visual Hybrid AKA Paul Stevenson, to execute the video displayed. Towards the end of a successful video launch, we interviewed Paul Stevenson and here is what…

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