It’s almost that time again! After having a successful 2nd edition in the region of Hauts-de-France, ‘the video mapping festival’ will be back in full swing this 2020, with its upcoming 3rd edition. To commemorate, we’ll be taking a look into the successes of the 2nd edition and the part Observatory had to play in this unforgettable event.

Our piece, exhibited in Lille, received an overwhelming response from the public. Not only did thousands of people see and interact with our piece. The socially reactive projection was also trending at number 4 on Twitter!

The visuals that were projected onto the astonishing Hotel L’Hermitage Gantois, were based on a short story of how a love letter once inspired a wedding dress. Our audience was able to project their own love letters in real-time using our hashtag, #PixelsLettreDamour, on Twitter.

The painstaking process behind creating the 3d fabric texture was very involved. We were sent the textiles from the designer of the dress, which we then scanned and processed to create the breathtaking visuals seen at the festival. 

Stage 1 

We scanned the fabric to import onto the computer.

Stage 2

The next process was to create a digitally seamless stitching pattern in Photoshop.

Stage 3 

We then processed the texture using “ambient occlusion” to light the image correctly and “bump mapping” to create the perfect texture.

Stage 4 

The final stage was executed using Cinema 4D to complete a 3D render.

Here is a video demonstrating the process we used to create this cloth simulation.

Here is the pre-visualisation of the final product!