Observatory recently travelled to Marseille to work again with Enterstice, the agency who we have previously worked with for Open 13 and The Sorbier Dress Mapping projects. This time our goal was to create motion graphics for the launch of the E-Corsa at Pharo Palace.

The project was essentially a launch presentation displayed on large LED screens to announce the electric version of the car. We completed the project in several stages providing services such as creative direction, sound design, full animation across multiple LED services, projection mapping the car and some tech support at times.

We took the opportunity to interview Fred and catch up with a few Questions:

Briefly tell us about some of the work you have done with Lightrhythm/Observatory ?

We’ve been working together for possibly more than 10 years now! Each time we collaborate it’s a new, very specific project. Something I really appreciate is that I know I can always count on the team. We’ve had the privilege of working together on fashion shows to big sporting events.

What was your favourite Project with Observatory?

The projects have been so different each time. A stand-out project for me was the Haute Couture fashion show. It was unique by definition because it was culturally specific to Paris but also because it was live and had to be executed perfectly the first time. It was a lot of pressure but we did it! The results were pure satisfaction.

How was it working on this project with observatory?

When we were asked by Opel to help present their new e-corsa, we knew we had to represent the industry, this brand and more specifically the car in a different way. So I told myself very early on that would need to take a different approach to this project than we usually would. I knew that Observatory would be the perfect team to work with on this project due their creativity and efficiency. We were able to find innovative ways to display content on stage, faster ways to produce and organise this content. The project went exceptionally well and the clients were happy.

What challenges did you face doing this project?

The more we continue to work on projects like these the more responsibility I feel! A few years ago the challenges were limited to creative and technical issues. Now we have to deal with the human resources side of things, so it feels like the challenges have multiplied! On this project particularly we had a cocktail of different challenges, so we had to mix it up and find some solutions. We came up with both creative and technical ways to solve our problems!

Tell us about your creative process?

My creative process is really specific I’ve been told. It’s based on instinct. I try to translate what the brand expresses to me into sound and visuals. I like to create an artistic environment where I can put the little elements together until I have a clear vision. I then call the people I need to deal with the technical side of things. We use several techniques to help the client understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Thanks to Observatory and others experienced in our creative process and workflow we had the tools to make it all happen. Yesterday at the E-Corsa unveiling, we were able to see on stage exactly what I had in my head. I’m glad we were able to make that happen.

How did you get into this line of work (Art Direction)?

I became an art director because I felt my ideas were different to what we’re used to seeing and hearing. I always try to add those unexpected details that make my work memorable. Like okay, I did something greater than just what was expected. I like to work on projects that open doors to other things, then it’s never really only one project. Being surrounded by inspiring people, and having a different vision for life, brand and other things is what makes me an Art Director. It’s more than just a University degree.

The end result was incredible! Despite the rain there was a great turnout. Our work was well received (by both audience and client), and the even was an overall success!