Team Observatory recently collaborated on an art installation with Febo Designs for the 100th Anniversary of the classic Negroni. The Installation was showcased to the public from the 21st September until 21st October. 

The event was located at Henrietta Hotel and CAMPARI invited locals to raise a glass to the centenary of the iconic Negroni cocktail with this temporary bar-come-installation in the heart of Covent Garden.


Photographer – Aron Klein, Videographer Balan Evans

Photographer – Aron Klein, Videographer Balan Evans

Each projects comes with a different challenge and we always embrace the opportunity to work with a new technology to bring an event space to life and see people interact with visual technologies. Observatory executed the animation for the Solaris LED string in After Effects; each light in the installation represented by a tiny dot on the screen, so the scale of the animation was almost microscopic in comparison to other 4k / 8k outputs that we are generally challenged with producing.

Febo Designs AKA Frankie Boyle, who we had the courtesy of working with is an innovative artist who specialises in the medium of light, fusing technical mastery with creative innovation to produce unique, multi-sensory experiences on any scale.  Frankie’s direction has evolved to explore how light can play a bigger part in the immersive and entertainment sector. Her company Febo Designs specialises in fusing high-ending lighting technology with material research to create tangible experiences that people can relate to.

The Observatory team collated a few interview question for Febo Designs about her creative process working on the art installation for Campari.